We've traveled the country helping health teams organize their work into winning strategies. Our workshop toolkit includes strategic innovation, communications, technology, organizing, grant-writing, and power mapping.

Some great examples:

  • Innovation Challenges - Facilitated hundreds of health entrepreneurs to design disruptive innovations to 6 pressing health challenges: Obesity, Active Communities, Health Insurance, Local Preemption, Breastfeeding, and Public-Private Partnerships.  
  • Multi-sector Collaboration - Coordinated the statewide implementation of Wisconsin's historic smoke-free workplace law.
  • Strategic Planning - Designed winning strategy charts for community campaigns ranging from establishing tobacco-free parks to building bike-friendly road systems.
  • Priority Setting - Built a year-long process to engage diverse health advocates in identifying cross-cutting priorities to prevent disease.
  • Collaborative Grant-Writing - Wrote a successful $25 million grant to fund prevention efforts in thirty communities. 
The difference between charity and change is the difference between checkers and chess - you need a strategic plan.
— Kyle Pfister, Ninjas for Health