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We're coders, storytellers, designers, accountants... united by a mission to modernize community health. Join us. 



Django Developer for Health

Ninjas for Health (remote contract position, 10-40hrs/wk)

Job Description

We're coders, designers, storytellers... united by a mission to hack community health.  

We need a talented Django Ninja to:

  • Develop applications using Python, Django, jQuery, and Bootstrap
  • Communicate proactively with a developer, designer, and project manager
  • Vision, spec, and estimate new projects
  • Assist with migrating current PHP applications to Django 
  • Perform maintenance update requests from users

The ideal candidate will be an confident and communicative Django developer who pays close attention to clean code and how it affects real people.  This is an opportunity for developer to find meaning and contribute to a codebase that tangibly improves their community. 

S/he will work from anywhere with reliable internet and have the confidence to develop independently in collaboration with a small team including a lead developer and designer. Entrepreneurial, creative, and nomadic spirits encouraged. 

The Django Ninja will start by working on a suite of existing civic web tools that help prevent tobacco use and help us craft the vision for future web products. 

Skills & Requirements

S/he will have:

  • at least 3 years of development experience
  • command of Git, MVC, Python, Django, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery,
  • comfort with CSS, HTML, Bootstrap and responsive design
  • a GitHub or Bitbucket link that demonstrates experience
  • at least 3 sample Django projects in a portfolio
  • active open source contributions
  • effective remote working stills including video chat, email, and project management software
  • an open and proactive communication style
  • ability to collaborate on a small team with a designer and project manager
  • an eye for clean, efficient design
  • passion for healthy communities and lifestyles

Knowledge of PHP 5.3+, Laravel, PostgreSQL, Wordpress, LAMP server management, or unit testing are a plus.  Some experience with CodeIgniter, PyroCMS, and/or Zend Framework helpful. Well-rounded humans with interests in design, videography, quadcopers, business, podcasting, training, fitness, or food are invited to bring those skills to work. 

About Ninjas for Health

Ninjas for Health are a group of young and enthusiastic nerds committed to applying our next generation skill set to modernize public health.  We partner with invisible heroes across the US who are proactively designing neighborhoods to center around healthy lifestyles. Our elegant web tools, strategic communication strategies, and creative trainings rethink the strategies that keep everyone healthy and out of the hospital. 

All of our ninjas work remotely and we want your healthy lifestyle, travel experiences, and nerdy hobbies to contribute to the brand of our company through storytelling and social media channels.  As a small team, you have the opportunity to shape our company and its direction through your skills and passions.

As a perk, we offer a monthly wellness stipend for a gym membership or farmers market CSA.  Ninjas also have the opportunity to visit Big Island of Hawaii for code retreats or adventures. 


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