Invisible health heroes make our lives healthier.

They do research, planning, policy... all the boring shit that ends up shaping healthy neighborhoods.  Yet they're never thanked. 

Know a health hero who deserves the spotlight? Every quarter we'll choose one to shower with a box of handmade health swag. 


Or get 20% off by signing up for a #ThankHealth Membership. 

What's a membership?

#ThankHealth members receive a box of handmade surprises every quarter to re-energize their health work.  Members receive their boxes before items are available to the public and at a 20%, 25%, or 30% discount.  Only a limited number of membership slots available.

What's can I expect?

Each box will feature a new health theme like science, technology, or design.  We'll be hard at work making a bunch sweet new swag every quarter to inspire your health nerdery.  Read more here

Why are you doing this?

Public health has been invisible for too long. Raise public health's profile starts with us celebrating each other and the great work we do. Start today by sending a thank you to someone who inspired you. 


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